Since 2014, the Freedom Forum has provided undergraduate students at North Park University leadership and development opportunities through programs exploring economic freedom.


The mission of the Freedom Forum is to explore theories and applications of economic freedom in context as a source of societal well-being and human happiness. Funded by a national foundation, The Freedom Forum is built on four fundamental tenets: 

1.   Freedom of Choice in Labor 


2.   Freedom of Thought & Expression


3.   Freedom from Excessive Taxation

4.   Freedom from Harmful Regulation

The Freedom Forum is a student-led organization overseen by

Al Kamienski, MBA, PhD, Professor of Finance, School of Business and Nonprofit Management, North Park University, Chicago.


Students serve as executives empowered with making decisions on how to best allocate funds to design and deliver unique programs steeped in the principles of liberty.

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The Freedom Forum prides itself on professionalism, inclusion, and overcoming obstacles that preclude traditional undergraduate students from engaging with liberty content.


Discussion group events are vibrant, social engagements open to all.

Past locations for have included Tre Kronor, the University Club of Chicago, and Big Hill Bar & Grill. Two to three local events are held annually.

This program connects high potential North Park undergraduate students with dedicated professionals to create lifelong relationships of mutual benefit. Mentors and mentees meet regularly and are provided a suggested curriculum. Mentor pairs work together to explore freedom of choice, independent thought, and happiness in professional and personal decisions.


Two group events are held annually that celebrate the arts. These have included Les Misérables, Hamilton: An American Musical, and Rosa’s Blues Lounge. Mentor pairs are also eligible for a $250 stipend.

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The hallmark offering of the Freedom Forum is free travel to some of America’s best cities. Trips follow two distinct formats: traditional academic conferences (such as LibertyCon) and urban immersion (such as Silicon Valley).


Students have traveled to New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Seattle and visited companies like Google, LinkedIn and the Helwig Winery.


Three to five trips are offered annually for qualified applicants. Transportation, accommodations, and conference fees paid. Students also are eligible to earn $250 stipends for excellent contributions to trip success.

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