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The mission of the Freedom Forum is to provide undergraduate students leadership development and skill-building opportunities through producing events that explore theories, applications, and benefits of economic freedom in context based on the principles of classical liberalism. Our programming, which includes immersive travel trips and unique local events, are impactful experiences incorporating freedom of thought and expression. The Freedom Forum of North Park University affirms the rights of individuals and organizations to openly explore the respectful exchange of mutual benefits.

Our Mission


Our Vision

The vision of the Freedom Forum is to be North Park's premiere leadership program for young professionals 

     The natural right of both employee and employer to enter into (or dissolve) agreements free of uninvited intervention.

     The Freedom Forum's mentorship program, and out visits to Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle, encourages students to critically think about their professional choices and opportunities.

     Also, research shows a positive relationship between free labor choice and happiness!

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Freedom of

Choice in Labor

Freedom from Excessive Taxation

     In classical liberalism, governing body is assigned a role, but required to conclusively demonstrate a necessary claim to income. Any reduction in wages should be minimal and respect an individual's rights to earned income. 

     At local discussion events, and out trip to Washington D.C, the Freedom Forum debates extensively the concept of appropriate taxation


Freedom of Thought & Expression

     The natural born right to hold and share an opinion without fear of government reprisal. If a person is not free to hold their own opinions, and debate them, then civil discourse and positive social change are not possible. 

     Freedom Forum events, such as free speech zones in Silicon Valley, embrace freedom of thought and expression. 



     We recognize regulation in enforcing fair-play, but excessive regulation imposes externalities which interrupt the voluntary interactions of a free market. Interference into our lives should be nominal, allowing free choice to flourish. 

     We explore harmful regulations at the Liberty Forum and Freedom dinner in New York City. 

Freedom from Harmful Regulation

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To learn more about our Four Fundamental Freedoms, visit our Youtube channel!

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