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The Freedom Forum of North Park University, Chicago provides undergraduate students leadership development and professional mentoring through student-led activities around North Park University, Chicago, and premier cities in the United States. Since 2013, the Freedom Forum has produced dozens of events for hundreds of students which promote the role of economic freedom in advancing individual rights, independent thought, and happiness in society.


The mission of the Freedom Forum is to provide undergraduate students leadership and development opportunities by earning stipends to produce events exploring economic freedom as a source of well- being. As an entirely student-led organization, student well-being is enhanced by developing leadership and project management skills. Students will be responsible and earn stipends accordingly for producing impactful experiences for peers and with mentors to study the theories and applications of freedom, The Freedom Forum of North Park University affirms private individuals and free enterprises engaging in the pursuit of mutual benefits.

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The vision of the Freedom Forum is to be a Top 10 U.S. undergraduate student leadership development program.